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RAIN RHYMES by Kheemchand Koli

Rain Rhymes 

Kheemchand Koli

Sitting by the window, I feel 

The rain-born breeze blowing softly 

Touching and tickling

The sleek rain-drenched fluttering leaves

Trees and bushes feel

Gleeful and gay

Dancing in the drizzling rain

Quenching their chronic thirst

Doves, sparrows, nightingales

Perched among the dripping boughs

Shake their drenching feathers dry

Kids playing on rain soaked sand

Is a sight to be seen

There is a feel of fragrance 

Of refreshing rain

All cheers the driving rain

Rain is a blessing in desertlands 

Grasslands get greenery

Prosperity it brings to the land..

Kheemchand Koli is a poet from Sindh, Pakistan.

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