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Ram Krishna Agrawal: Promoting Indian Art with his Fusion Art Style- by Anita Gehlot

Ram Krishna Agrawal: Promoting Indian Art with his Fusion Art Style

Anita Gehlot

Ram Krishna Agrawal, a citizen of India, despite being a science graduate, he has found him in the fashion trade.

As a profession, he works in the fashion industry, starting off as a fashion designer and gradually progressing to different levels. However, his true passion lies in art and painting, which he is entirely self-taught in.

"Painting is not only one of my biggest hobbies, but it has also become my second profession. It serves as my form of therapy, helping me navigate through the frustrations of the world. Creativity has no limitations, and I aspire to be limitless in my artistic endeavors."- says Mr Agrawal.

He also says- "I enjoy experimenting with various colors to strengthen myself. Whether it's watercolors, oil paints, or acrylics, I have a love for them all and happily spend my time exploring them."

India is a country known for its diverse culture and traditions. It possesses a wide range of art techniques and styles, many of which are traditional and famous. I have been exposed to these arts from a young age, and they have made a profound impact on his mind.

Initially, he began with abstract forms, inspired by the works of Picasso. He also createslandscapes. However, over the past year, he has shifted his focus to Indian folk and tribal arts such as Madhubani and Gond. Madhubani is one of India's most renowned traditional arts, recognized worldwide.

By modifying these traditional and tribal art forms, he is creating fusion art with his own signature style. He uses watercolors, acrylics, and different pens to blend new ideas and concepts with these traditional art forms. His aim is to promote and showcase the glory of India using updated tools.

He has participated in numerous online and offline art exhibitions in India and internationally. Additionally, he has been honored with several awards and accolades for his artwork.

Glimpses of an exclusive talk of Anita Gehlot with artist Ram Krishna Agrawal:

Anita: When and how did your journey into painting begin?

Ram: My journey into painting began when I was inspired by my mother, who was an unrecognized artist. Her paintings adorned the walls of our home and served as a great inspiration for me.

Anita: Who are your biggest influences as an artist?

Ram: My initial and most significant influence was my mother. Her artwork greatly influenced me. I also draw inspiration from artists such as Pablo Picasso, Nicholas Roerich, and MF Hussain.

Anita: Where do you find inspiration for your art?

Ram: Currently, I find inspiration from Indian traditional, tribal, and folk arts. These art forms deeply inspire me and serve as a wellspring of creativity.

Anita: What types of paintings have you explored so far?

Ram: I began my artistic journey with abstract forms and later delved into creating landscapes. However, for the past few years, I have dedicated myself to fusion art, which has become my signature style. I blend Indian traditional, tribal, and folk arts with my exotic ideas to create a unique painting style.

Anita: Do you have a favorite art piece that you have created? If so, why is it your favorite?

Ram: Every creation holds a special place in an artist's heart. However, one of my favorite works is a painting of sunflowers titled "Morning Beauty". This piece exudes positivity and never fails to uplift my spirits.

Anita: As a fashion trader by profession, how do you perceive the fashion industry? Do you see any connections between fashion and your art?

Ram: Both the fashion industry and art field require creativity and offer opportunities for exploring ideas and thoughts. The creative elements of fashion do influence my art, which is why I have developed my fusion style.

Anita: How does your family view your passion for painting?

Ram: My family is supportive of my passion for painting. They understand that it is a challenging field with gradual progress, but their support encourages me to pursue my artistic aspirations.

Anita: In your opinion, are artists born or made? Please elaborate on your viewpoint.

Ram: I believe that everyone on this earth has a creative side. The choice lies in which field one decides to pursue. Some individuals are born with natural artistic abilities, often referred to as being "God gifted". On the other hand, there are those who may have a love for art but initially lack the talent. However, through learning and practice, they can develop into skilled artists. Ultimately, it is one's choice and interest that determines whether they become an artist. Creativity is the key.

Anita: How do you balance your work life and your life as an artist?

Ram: Balancing my work life and my life as an artist is challenging. I spend around 10 hours at my job to sustain my livelihood. After that, I prioritize family time and other responsibilities. As a result, being an artist requires effort and time management. I ensure that I maximize my available time by promptly completing other tasks, even sacrificing sleep if necessary. It is a difficult balancing act, but by the grace of God, I manage it.

Anita: What role do you believe artists have in society?

Ram: Artists have the power to spread peace and love, both of which are essential in society. Art serves as a healer, offering mental peace and relaxation. It transcends any religious, caste, or creed barriers and promotes harmony.

Anita: Do you notice any differences between yourself in your profession and yourself as an artist?

Ram: There is indeed a difference in mindset between my professional and artistic personas. As an artist, I am a humble and devoted individual, immersed in my own world as art is akin to worship for me. In my profession, I exhibit a professional demeanor, becoming competitive and accountable. Thus, my character changes according to the role I am playing.

Anita: What message would you like to share with young and aspiring artists?

Ram: I urge young and aspiring artists to keep creating and not solely chase success. One day, their art will become their recognition and driving force.

Anita Gehlot from India is an Educator, Poet, Author, British Council English Core Skills Certified Trainer. She has a Diploma in TEFL/ TESOL with specialization in Teaching Business Communication. She is also a Certified Soft Skills and Personality Development Trainer. She has earned 'Educator of The Year 2022 And 2023', Sahitya Gaurav Samman 2023 awards under her name. She is a Motivational Quoter and has achieved many certificates on international virtual platforms. She has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. Many of her motivational articles and poems have also been published in national and international magazines. Her areas of interest are Enhancing Communication Skills, English Language and Literature, Women Empowerment, Mental Health, Individual Empowerment, Educational & Social Awareness, Human Psychology and Philosophy.

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