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RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SOUL- A Poem by Rajmonda Qose Shkopi


by Rajmonda Qose Shkopi

This soul needed a reconstruction So, I started work immediately The acid of old worthless memories were continuing to eat away at the endemic, so I drove them away, I expelled them from myself. I treated the wounds. Then I threw some pseudo-friends out of the window worthless from interest society. Believe me, they took up a lot of space.

That I was suffocated by their breathing.

After I took them out, I closed some windows of my soul The ones that the light never fell on. I cleansed the soul of the dirt left when they spilled . I erased the traces with the eraser of oblivion. I painted the walls white and my dearest ones took shelter inside it. Oh, what a space was created! The spirit felt free. How come I hadn't done it before?! The sun caressed the soul.. Serenity brushed her fingers creating a heavenly melody.

Rajmonda Qose Shkopi was born in Kuçova city. She has completed her higher studies at the "Aleksandër Xhuvani" University, Language and Literature branch, in Elbasan city. She works as a teacher in the city of Berat. She was invited to radio shows.Her poems were published in more newspapers and magazines.She is a co-author with her poems in many literary anthology. She has won some prizes in the literary competitions. She has published the volume of poems "DON'T GIVE UP" and "WE FORGET TO KISS THE DEW".

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