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Revolution is now on the Tip of the Nose

Abu Zubier

When the shadow of the tyrant's hand is on your face,

Fear and oppression is the motto to rule the country

Then the voice is indomitable, strong,

Rise against the winds of hatred and injustice.

Darkness is also in the heart, signaling a return home

But on the night of the dictatorship, they took him out of the house and killed him

To light the flame of freedom,

In the face of the evil power of dictatorship,

Wake up, wake up.

The chain they made,

Break it with a hammer

Create a revolution with a mix of courage and love

Break free from the shackles of unequal rule.

A pen like a sword and a heart like a shield,

A long poem on the streets with a flag for justice

A protest, where our minds will be voiced and outraged

There is a long way to go for liberation.

The occupation of fascism, the reign of dictatorship,

Shattered like a fragile earth,

We will stand in the face of darkness,

hand in hand united,

Against the tide of hate and fear,

For freedom, for territory

Prepare for a long time to take away freedom.

Abu Zubier is a versatile Bengali writer and poet with a passion for creative expression and social activism. As a former university teacher, environmentalist, and cultural advocate, he has authored over 20 books in both Bengali and English, with one translated into English. His writing spans various genres, including poetry, fiction, and documentary filmmaking, with his poetry standing out for its emotional depth and exploration of themes like sadness, romance, and revolution.

Widely acclaimed, Abu Zubier is a celebrated writer who has received numerous international literary awards and accolades. His work has been published in different languages and praised for its cultural relevance and literary merit. Beyond his literary achievements, Abu Zubier is the founder of "La Fenêtre de Paris," an association based in France that promotes cultural and artistic exchanges. Serving as its current president, he continues to contribute to enriching the cultural landscape. For those seeking captivating and thought-provoking reads, Abu Zubier's works are not to be missed, showcasing his narrative skill, powerful imagery, and captivating style in the literary world.

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