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SEA FLOWER- A Poem by Munavvar Boltayeva


By Munavvar Boltayeva

Work of a talented artist,

A rare flower, a beautiful flower, a wonderful flower.

Doesn't water wash away the color of the flower?

A flower that grows blue from the bottom of the sea.

It doesn't live like any other flower,

Sea lovers day and night...

Seagulls always go with the flow.

If you love him...

Sea flower, you have so many secrets,

Did you hide the secret of the sea?

Because you are so beautiful?

What is hidden in your sheet?

I wrote you a song, I wrote you a poem.

The artists drew you from the heart.

Sometimes to test the patience of the sea,

Sorry, they broke your peace on purpose.

You are a protected miracle

Tell me where you got all this beauty from.

Oh flower of the sea, I sang to you.

No matter how much I sing, the verse never ends.

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