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SHORT POEMS by Donna McCabe

Sweet Spring

Let's rejoice as spring is reborn

Nature is awakening to new life

Gone are the wintery ice cold days

Flowers open with a sense of pride

The sweet smell of springs blossoms

Are heavy in the air

Caterpillars cocoon themselves

Taking extreme care

Croaking frogs and bird song

Fill the county air

Everything is full of hope and peace

In the balmy springtime air.

Precious Gifts

I would unwrap a day for you

All sunny fresh and clean

A day of happiness

Under a blue sky so bold

A day for all to see

I would unwrap love for you

With kisses warm and tender

With loads of cuddles

And loads of hugs

As warm as a glowing ember

I would unwrap peace for you

A gift as rich as heaven

Where angels sing

Of harmony and love

And everyone is truly free.


Spring heralds a new dawn

Sleeping earth awakes

Long gone are those winter nights

with their gently falling flakes

Fragrances mingle on the breeze

Of bluebells and daffodils

Spring is finally upon us

Here to cure our winter ills

Winds blow away the chills

As the robins and blackbirds sing

A bright new cheery season

Is now in full swing.

Time is a Healer

Time is a wonderful healer

That's what people say

Cures a 101 ailments

And places fears at bay

But how long does it actually take

To get time on you side

When is it alright to say

Well at least I tried

I have found that time does help

It gives you thinking space

It helps you back up on your feet

Gives you a sense of grace

So I'm all for supporting time

I know how kind it can be

I have buried all past fears

Found the real me.

Donna McCabe is an established poet from South Wales, UK, with over twenty years experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies both nationally and internationally, she is also a respected admin on many social media pages.

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