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SUGARBOX by Bachewal Srinivas


Bachewal Srinivas

Sugar is the goal of the ant

Urging for the crystal it's want 

Grabbing the massive, it struggles

Addicted in gathering it fumbles 

Revolving in the box, it nourishes 

Bounded in the box, it perishes

Overcoming the petty ephemeral end

Zenith, it clambers by the trans'cend.  

BACHEWAL SRINIVAS is a (School Assistant) Teacher of English at Zilla Parishad High School BEJJORA Mdl Bheemgal Dt Nizamabad TELANGANA. His hobbies are reading nature around rather than reading mere books; besides listening to and singing meaningful melodies. His unique quality is composing quotes, acrostics and verses in tri-languages. He is an M A English and a Girrajmal Awardee and TS & AP SET qualified in 2014. His ambition is to become a renowned author of immortal verses and articles.

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