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SURGEON OF THE VERSES- A Poem by Jose Luis Lopez

Surgeon of the Verses

by Jose Luis Lopez

Here I am, trying to rescue letters in my space,

I arrived with the theme, he evaluated each piece of my canvas, where I am decorating the panorama.

YES, that imaginary piece of paper, there I go sewing thoughts, words, ideas, what goes and doesn't go!

Surgeon? Correct, I am the certified doctor of the one who develops the work that identifies itself, where the reader sinks, navigates, bathes with the abacus of my world spoken in its ink, because I want to communicate what my heart and mind express.

Are we really abacus? All of us who write that document, that literary piece, are a daily evolution of each infant and growth to reach maturity. It is a process, it is a filming of cinematography of each one of the artists that unifies us to beautify life with letters.

When I write this writing, what do you think I show?

I connect with nature, I am reborn as an internal ME, and I present to you what the imagination of my environment injects me to delineate this work, so that an unbreakable magnet is provoked.

I am the actor of this script, I unfold so that you know what is happening around and I present to you the result of all the investigation.


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