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TALK- A Poem by Moroccan poet Aziz Mountassir


Aziz Mountassir, Morocco

The pens of the geniuses

Mozart’s melodies

Marcel’s solos

and Shakespeare’s poems

talked to me

about love

and about the time that has passed

about the density of darkness

and the vending of peace

about the naked shame

that has melted the candles

caused the flowers to shrivel

besieged me with misery

sent security

to void

and let bodies fall victim

to the yellowness of autumn

and storms of winter

They talked to me about

the streams of blood

to placate evils

among the nations of jasmine

about oppression and dreams

in the age of gallows and punishment

The rustling of my alphabets

is a nap for doves

virgin parks

not yet pollinated

living the ecstasy of desires

Their eyes see impurities

Their tongue talk of beauty.

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