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Last night you let the tears flow again,

and turn into a sad river,

in moments when you are alone,

because you don't want anyone else to see the pain that breaks your heart.

You hugged the pillow 

and found comfort in it,

you felt an indescribable emptiness in yourself and in everything,

you don't want anyone to see 

how much you suffer,

you smile in front of others, 

but you bring sadness back 

to your heart in solitude.

And I know, it's not easy for you, no,

your struggles are too hard

but don't hide your emotions so strongly in yourself,

because it will break once like that in you.

You are not weak if you cry in front of


just don't let sadness take away your smile,

who is human will understand how much it hurts,

a wounded heart that suffers but loves.

Because your heart is full of love for life,

you are the one who believes in beauty,

but sometimes the pain is stronger than


and that's normal, just don't let your heart give up and surrender.

You wiped away your tears and you keep going,

everyone sees eyes that sparkle and shine,

but no one knows what is hidden in them

and how much sadness there is in them.

And instead of asking for support you,

you lend a helping hand to others,

you help others even though it's hard for you,

you are a fighter who is actually stronger

than any pain!

And in the morning when you wake up and open your eyes,

you know very well that that day will pass,

that's why you try and fight so hard every day,

because you are so strong and love life so much.

DANIJELA ĆUK from Vukovar in Rijeka (Croatia) is engaged in poetry writing, and has so far published two books of poetry collections entitled "Positive for Life" and "Strength of Love" and a third collection entitled "Lioness Women" which is in the pipeline. She has participated in about 20 joint anthologies of poems and her poems have been awarded with appreciations and have been published in international literary journals. In addition to writing, Danijela also volunteers at the hospital. All proceeds from the collection of books sold always go to humanitarian aid.

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