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Angela Kosta

Unfortunately nowadays, millions of people are dying from hunger, disease and meaningless and endless wars. The world is rolling around dizzyingly and frighteningly, driving all mankind out of normality, where terrible thunder would move mountains themselves, that's why we're confused by everything that's been happening lately. Our planet has become a unified and silent body. The self-detainee of his existence, without any sense of humanity. All our land, the earthly globe itself, the people and air we breathe, the deceptive and insane speed of running unstoppable to satisfy our ego, makes us forget the obligation of humility and kneeling in the face of those who are not equal to us. We are sadly in the hands of those who govern the sovereign people. We started living in a society where we there is a little sweetness and true friendship.

The Language of Power would surely require long-term expectations of activity if given the opportunity. She herself would be embarrassed by what comes out of the mouths of those who do nothing but invest in malice in cooperation with the devil himself. It is so difficult to find the long-lasting ceasefire and peace. Cynicism stops in the eyes of the rulers full of happiness, the conqueror when they see people overstretched and oppressed by their own violence, and it is there, at that moment when the level of coldness, hypocrisy and selfishness kills souls. The vileness is dressed in false smiles, while the tongue strikes the lips and scathingly delivers words, gives orders for war, mass genocide, ethnic extinction, against the defenseless and innocent. But the inflexiency of all humanity towards this has nothing to do with revenge. Just resurrect them, insistence on continuing the non-fulfillment of their dreams theirs. From the language of power come the words of those who have possession in hand, which are made as unstoppable song, boring by the constant acts of insinuation. The conquerors rejoice and applaud the temporary loss of innocence of the people who live and enjoy what you see from the last stage of your triumph, which will take you where you have ambitiously allowed yourself to reach. Don't believe the rulers you are a master or the precious chest that jealously guards the key that will open the door of the future. No one owns the world or anyone else. Everyone carries this key to escape. It is God, the only one, who determines fate, days, dreams, projects, but above all, reserves these good things for us if we love each other without hostility.

On the contrary, one day, He gives you the opportunity to understand how right he is and how omnipotent he is. On that day whoever thinks it owns will mourn the total bankruptcy, while humanity will smile at last free from the captivity of power. "Do not underestimate them, for they will reach where your power ends. In that day, we hope not too far away, unlike you, mankind will not put on the masks of falsehood, for it will never be likeminded or accomplice to evil, or thirsty for glory, and while you ruler will fly without wings, the skin of the soul of the thirst for power will embrace you into the abyss, thus freeing the innocent from their captivity. Humanity will live on, the language of power fortunately no more, for the loss of the moment, unlike yours, has a very short term. 

Humanity unconditionally expresses the desire to accelerate victory, seeks true perfection, pure, without mediocrity, to live gracefully, proudly, without long-deduced ignorance. In the end, we simply have to thank you to rulers and dictators, for humanity has enough strength to oppose your pessimism destroyed and damaged for centuries. Humanity challenges everything, so it smiles without cynicism, without banging its head against the wall, without trying to set its mind for ambition, without feeling or disorienting physical or psychological pain.

Angela Kosta was born in Albania in 1973 and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, essayist, journalist, literary critic, editor and promoter. She has published 11 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English. Her publications have appeared in various literary magazines and newspapers in: Albania, Kosovo, Italy, USA, England, China, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Poland, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Tajikistan, South Korea, Hungary, India, Bangladesh etc. Angela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper "Calabria Live", Saturno magazine, the newspaper "Le Radici", the international magazine "Orfeu", Alessandria Today magazine, the Nacional newspaper, the Gazeta Destinacioni, the magazine Perqasje Italo - Shqiptare, the international magazine Atunis - Belgium, collaborates with magazines in Lebanon, International Literature Language Journal (USA), Morocco, Bangladesh, etc. Angela Kosta is Ambassador of Culture and Peace in: Bangladesh, Lebanon, Poland, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, etc. Angela Kosta has been translated and published in 26 foreign languages and countries. In the second semester of 2023 alone, she was an author in 84 national and international newspapers and magazines with: poems, articles, interviews, essays, etc.

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