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TO THE BEAUTIFUL by Dardan Berisha


Dardan Berisha

A whole ballad melts on your face

And in the depths of your eyes it drowns 

And I...

I lie down on the cobblestones 

Where I take the steps

An umbrella I become to shade you

So that the August sun wouldn't burn you

And the autumn rain wouldn't wet you.

Hero Me

To your beauty I bow!

Dardan Berisha from Kromnik (Kosovo) began writing in the sixth grade. Berisha has published children's poems in the magazines: Pioneers, Morning Bird and other magazines for children. In addition, Berisha has also published in the newspapers. His published works are: "The Blind Seal" - children's stories, 2007, Gutenberg, (Pristina) and "The Petrified Flight", adult drama, 2010, Drenusha, (Pristina). Dardan Berisha is co-author of the monograph "Mustafë Ibishi", with Mag. Jetish Kadishani, 2009, Drenusha, (Pristina) and "The Mother, The Stone Where I Pray", poems for adults, 2022, (Pristina). 

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