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Totality by Devika Brendon


Devika Brendon


Here we are, and the commodification of the source of all life begins in about two hours.

People across selected parts of the world have been planning road trips for years, to see it.

They are measuring it by its duration, and its capacity to generate income.

People vying for best

viewing position

All through the Totality


Some can see it, some only hear about it. It’s not advisable to look it full in the face.

Astrologers are interpreting it,

and here, in my carapace,

I can hardly experience it through the noise.


Inside our rented room

We take off all that covers us

for the first time

It’s taken us so many years

to get to this:

For the alignments to subtly shift

And for us to cease

the cut and thrust

and find the fit


We are supposed to rest:

To shelter in place

Refrain from strenuous activity

Or impulsive action:

to light no spark.

My face is resting in your shirt

While you are wearing it

It’s a dolly shot, from overhead:


Everything is shimmering

Alight, in the abbreviated dark.

Dr. Devika Brendon is an academician, reviewer and editor of English language and literature. Her poetry, short stories and academic articles have been published in journals and anthologies in Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Africa, Italy and the USA. She is the Consultant Editor for the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA), Content Editor for New Ceylon Writing, and a columnist and contributing writer for several national print and digital newspapers including Ceylon Today, The Mirror, The Sunday Times, Groundviews, and The Morning.

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