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Unleashing the Power of Poetry: "Verses of Meraki"

Unleashing the Power of Poetry: "Verses of Meraki" by Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Dr Shalini Yadav

Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, and held together with the tough, delicate skin of words.

-Paul Engle

Poetry has the remarkable ability to convey complex emotions and thoughts in a creative, concise, and meaningful manner. It taps into the depths of people's hearts, evoking strong feelings such as joy, sorrow, nostalgia, love, and empathy. Through poetry, readers can connect with the experiences and perspectives of others, finding new ways to understand and appreciate their own lives. Moreover, poetry stimulates contemplation of important social and cultural issues, encouraging exploration of alternative viewpoints and perspectives on the world. Ultimately, poetry has a profound impact on the hearts of people.

The collection of poems titled "Verses of Meraki," composed by renowned poets Shahid Abbas and Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, is an exquisite anthology that masterfully fulfills the purpose of touching hearts and souls. Published by Cyber Clerical Associates in New York, USA, owned by Maxwanette A. Poetess/Maxine A. Moncrieffe, this collection showcases the visionary and creative talent of Shahid and Elizabeth, who strive to unite artists and poets worldwide to safeguard humanity's existence and preserve and nurture nature. Their collaborative poems are infused with meticulous attention to detail and delicacy, enabling them to convey deep emotions and profound messages to poetry enthusiasts. Their unique and profound approach to composition sets them apart from their contemporaries. Their poetry prompts people to contemplate various aspects of life with gravity and compels them to respond and take action.

Shahid and Elizabeth's poems serve as reflections of their diverse backgrounds, offering insights into various facets of life. Their work explores themes ranging from birth, death, memory, harmony, and new beginnings to social issues, discovering the true balance and meaning of life, serving humanity, protecting and supporting nature to the fullest. Their art of expressing more with fewer words sets a remarkable example for aspiring poets. The poems flow rhythmically and are imbued with a sweetness that is easily understood and appreciated. They delve deep into the heart, their words both aromatic and enchanting, informative and uplifting.

This volume embarks on a journey of poetic sensitivity and healing effects, navigating between the internal and external selves, allowing readers to appreciate the artistic beauty of nature through the poets' imaginative voyages and the enigmatic nature of human existence. They seamlessly navigate the transience and permanence of life.

This collection serves as a torchbearer, guiding humanity out of darkness, ignorance, and a state of inaction and despair towards illumination, enlightenment, action, and bliss. It is a picturesque fusion of sensitizing emotions and thought-provoking themes, crafted by Shahid and Elizabeth, like the perfect combination of sugar and water that creates a sweet syrup to savor. The clever and skilled use of language in the poems offers readers ease, respite, reassurance, reinforcement, and solace. Furthermore, this anthology is a testament to the power of words and their enduring impact on the minds and hearts of readers. Each poetic piece is unique and vibrant, aimed at instilling universal values in future generations. Literature lovers are sure to relish this remarkable venture!

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