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Nightingale sings the melodious songs at night

For her longing, love, and connection to the moon

Being a symbol of life, hope, eternity, and love,

The peace, prosperity, and reunion with loved-one.

Deep into full moon night,

Chakor too sheds its tears in longing,

Releasing the song of unrequited passion,

For its alluring beloved - the moon

Unattainable high in the skies.

He takes flight in a bid to meet the moon

But falls back to earth before the day break.

The love of Nightingale, and the Chakor

For the moon, remains unrequited

The moon itself shines by reflecting sunlight

Continuing its journey

Unaware of the loving birds of planet Earth.

So is my love for

The nature, people, humanity, cultures

And languages of the world.

Unlike the Nightingale and Chakor

I don't wait for the full moonlight

And sing the songs of love and peace all the time

Being first and the last love of my life

No matter it's unrequited.

(Poet’s note: As per Asian myth, deep into the full moon night, the Chakor or Chakur bird, also called Pheasant or Hill Partridge in English, takes failed flight to moon)

Nasir Aijaz, based in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province of Pakistan, is basically a poet, journalist and researcher having spent over 48 years in the field of journalism. He won Gold Medal and another award for best reporting in 1988 and 1989. He has worked in key position of editor for newspapers and news agencies. He also worked as a TV Anchor (For Pakistan Television) for over a decade and conducted some 400 programs from 1982 to 1992 besides appeared as analyst in several programs on private TV channels. He also did dozens of programs on Radio Pakistan and some other private Radio channels. He is author of nine books on history, language, literature, travelogue and biography. One of his books ‘Hur – The Freedom Fighter’, a research work on war against the British colonial forces, also won a prize. Some of his other books are unpublished. Further, he translated a poetry book of Egyptian poet Ashraf Aboul Yazid, into Sindhi language, which was published in Egypt. Besides, he has written around 500 articles in English, Urdu and Sindhi, the native language of Sindh. He is editor of Sindh Courier, an online magazine and represents The AsiaN, an online news service of South Korea with regular contribution for eleven years. His articles have also been translated in Arabic and Korean languages. Some of his English articles were published in Singapore and India and Nigeria. He writes poetry in his native language Sindhi, and English. Very recently, some of his poems have been translated in Albanian, Italian and Greek languages and published there besides in Arabic language published in Egypt and Abu Dhabi. His English poems have also been published in Bangladesh, Kosovo, USA, Tajikistan, Greece, Italy and some other countries. Nasir Aijaz is one of the founding members of Korea-based Asia Journalists Association AJA. He has visited some ten Asian countries and attended international seminars.

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