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Upcoming International Exhibition: A Cascades of Hues

"A Cascade of Hues" International Art Exhibit Set in August, 2024

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo in collaboration with Artista de Colores stages "A Cascade of Hues" International Art Exhibition which is slated this August 15-31, 2024. This is the groundbreaking art exhibition collaboration project of Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Marlene Ayen Galit, International Visual Artists from the Philippines which will be preceded by the second international art exhibit series this September." A Cascade of Hues" will display the eclectic and stunning artistry of both local Filipino artists and international artists from across the globe. The audience will get to feast their eyes on a diverse array of exceptional and captivating masterpieces bearing the varied signature art styles of the talented Visual Artists. The exhibit is a myriad and fusion of artistic styles and brushstrokes which will adorn the four corners of KafieTan Coffee Bar located in Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines. Truly a unique blend of tasteful art and coffee!International Visual Artists from across the globe agreed to join our local and equally-talented Filipino Visual Artists who hail not just in Quezon but as well as from different parts of the country. International Media Partners and supporters also joined hands in the promotion of the event. Art Exhibit Poster was created by Kaely Ramos. Watch out for this much-awaited event which aims to promote artistic camaraderie among artists both local and international. Art Heals by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo together with Artista de Colores believes in the talent of the creative Filipinos and that they can be among the Global Artists who can give pride to the Philippines!

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