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WAR EVERYWHERE by Dherminder Kumar Balach

War Everywhere

Dherminder Kumar Balach

War, war everywhere

Mothers and children are crying

Millions of families lost their house

War, war everywhere..

Spring colours go off

Garden and orchard are silent

Birds and animals are also crying

War, war everywhere..

Sons of soil are fighting

Thousands of solider became martyrs

Montherland filled with blood

War, war everywhere..

Children lost their toys

Mothers lost their beloved ones

Parents are fighting against enemies

War, war everywhere..

Bombing, bullets and smoke

Fire, fire everywhere..

But We will fight till liberty

This is our land not king's

War, war everywhere..

We never forget our home

We never lose boldness

We come back, we come back

War war everywhere..

They burnt our fields, school, college and playland

We never give up

We never forget them

War, war everywhere..

After war, rain will come back

Spring will come back

We build our motherland, we live in motherland

War, war everywhere..

A morning comes back, dark age is gone

We enjoy our happiness and love..

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