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WAY TO THE PEAK- A Poem by Eity Mithila

Way to the Peak

by Eity Mithila

In the grave of depression,

One midnight I talked with God rudely,

Saying that He doesn't have justice at all,

Devils doing injustice are roaming happy

Without having punishment for their sin!

I teared my own hair out in a frenzy of grief,

Called him an unjust judge sitting on the thorn above,

The blind, dumb, deaf and silent on all injustice,

I cried and screamed with my highest strength,

''How are you tolerating these inhumanity?!''

He was still silent and I was learning to be patient

And when I became the strongest,

Unexpected things started to happen in every part

Of my life, I was amazed to receive priceless things

That I never expect even in my dream.

I reached up to the peak of my patience

And that is the most precious gift from the Almighty

That came to me in disguise of pain and depression,

And this is the behind reason to let evil hurt me.

God was always with in my side that I can feel now

And it was his process to bring me to the top

Giving some wounds to tolerate leaving deep scars

That will never let me forget that I have learned.

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