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Who knows! by Manzar Hussain Akhtar

Who knows!

When her eyes sent their own goblet of scent to me

I was on the verge of belief

And was doing my own circumambulation

The shadow, that had the nature of a mirror in its colors

And had the scent of it.

It was a glowing hour, where there was a dialogue

Where on the heads

There was a moon, whose white clad was being rinsed

By the contact of allied moments

That rusted iron

Who knows

How that lock was being opened with the key of promise

Who knows!

The bright hour, the scintillation

Which was in the perception of desire

It was like roaring clouds of belief

Which were written in the margins of a connecting letter

Page by page

Lined eyes

Dimensionless bright luminosity

In the silence of dark nights

Around that desire

Which is the throne of the bright hour

There, except me and you

There is still no occupant

(Translated by Ali Ghalib)

Poet Manzar Hussain Akhtar is from Pakistan.

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