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YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE by Enrique Antonio Sánchez Liranzo


Enrique Antonio Sánchez Liranzo

You only love once

When you love with your heart,

You only love once

With tenderness and with passion.

Because true love

It only happens once, and

It never dies ever again.

When love leaves

It doesn't come from the heart;

Because true love

It comes from the heart and never leaves.

There are loves that don't last,

There are loves that do not die.

Because a passing love does not leave

Trace doesn't even hurt.

But a true love

It never dies again, and

You never stop loving,

Because you only love once

For an eternity.

Enrique Antonio Sánchez Liranzo from the city of Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic is a lawyer, poet, essayist and narrator. He has published works of poetry including Verses of springs (1991), Garden of Love (1993), Poems with the sea (1993), Primavera 88, Poemario (1997), and Poems for peace (2010) etc.

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