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EMPATHY by Sushant Thapa



Some of my poems are wordless

And do not make a human out of it.

I find it extremely difficult to feel like others;

Perhaps I have only learnt to be like a human

And not feel like one.

Empathy is priceless and to feel your pain

My pen carries a heavy heart.

Your blue grief, I cannot let them turn black

Into grey ashes and white oblivion.

A wooden heart is a theme for my work

Call my name

Speak to me

I will bear the burden of emptiness

If there is little empathy left in me.

When there are news of accidents and when

Ambulances rush through crowded ways,  

When houses in the streets are burning

And I can only hear the fire truck's siren and do nothing;

Maybe there is some empathy left in me.

But I cannot help the beggars in the streets

Except giving them few coins, fruits and paper notes.

When a dead bird is being buried in Auden's poem

I think from my heart;

Where my poetic bird of empathy has landed?



Sushant Thapa is an award-winning Nepalese poet based in Biratnagar-13, Nepal. He has an M.A. in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He has published 5 books of English poems. He is a lecturer of English literature and Business Communication in Biratnagar, Nepal. His poems are published in print, online and in the curriculum of school book.

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