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FRAGRANCE by Sulagna Mitra 


Sulagna Mitra 

The sweet fragrance stirred the air. He followed the fragrance, it was attracting him like a magnet. He was totally intoxicated, he kept on following the fragrance. He reached that place again. Yes, this is the same place where they raped the young doctor and burnt her alive, the last Sunday. But why has he come here again??? He can't recall. Soft breeze suddenly stopped. The sweet smell started disappearing. He felt a chill. Suddenly a gush of light, he saw her. She was standing in front. A cold shiver ran down his spine. He tried to run but no he couldn't. Lightning strike! A shrill laughter was heard. Next morning an unrecognizable body was found struck by thunderstorm. However, last day the sky was so clear, shining with stars studded like diamonds. No traces of clouds were seen. Strange enough....

The fragrance travelled in search of the second rapist ...

In three weeks, three men died accidental death at the same place, the news stirred the whole city. The dwellers are haunted  with an unknown fear.

Ranesh and Virat are trying to leave the city for some unknown reason...

Will the fragrance leave them????

Sulagna Mitra is a citizen of West Bengal, India, is a bilingual writer who writes in both English and Bengali languages. She is also a voice artist and an anchor. She has given voice to many poems in English and Bengali. It is for her passion that she associated with many well known groups and published in many e-magazines, magazines and anthologie .  She has been featured at many e-channels and TV channels.


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