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LEVITATION by Jose Luis Lopez


Jose Luis Lopez

Puerto Rico

This narrative happened to me... although I never asked for it... I lived it...

When I went to live with my foster grandparents, I already had my bedroom that was used by an aunt-sister who had moved in with her husband after she was married.

I had started the second semester of university, and I used my mother's car to study. Since my mother worked, she left the car with me so I could go pick her up later.

That day, I had left university, as I had requested part-time studies, I was exhausted. I lay down on the bed, face up, I don't know what happened to me...if it was that I was dreaming about something, or I don't know how...

I felt something that lifted me off the mattress...

And, I knew that I had not touched the mattress because I was in the air...I had been levitated, or they had picked me up...I don't know...I know it was that when I made an involuntary movement with my right arm... I WAS AFRAID...I was 4 inches from the mattress...and...BOOOM...I fell suddenly...

I got nervous but I kept quiet so that no one would know what happened to mother knew.

If it was unconscious that I activated that power to levitate myself... it was my surprise.

Finally, I inherited from my mother the ability to see deceased people, or see their spirit. Because she has had dreams about people close to her, and they always happen.

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